About Arsca

Uniarts Helsinki’s Finna service Arsca is a one-stop search portal that grants you the access to printed and electronic material of the Uniarts Helsinki Library. Arsca has resources from all academic fields - printed and electronic books and journals, electronic articles in full texts, as well as theses.

Finding the right material

Search results are divided into three search tabs, which will be listed after you have performed a search of any kind.

"Library’s collections" tab shows:

  • the material in the library’s catalogue
  • e-books and e-journals that are available at Uniarts Helsinki (search by using the name of the book or journal)
  • the Sibelius Academy’s digitised material in the Doria database
  • Uniarts Helsinki's e-publications in the Helda database.

The tab "International e-materials" shows search results from a centralised index of e-resources (Primo Central Index, PCI), which includes reference data on hundreds of millions of mainly English-language articles and e-books. All e-resources that are available at Uniarts Helsinki aren’t included in PCI, so it’s advisable to also use the individual interfaces of the resources that can be accessed through the database list on the university’s website. PCI isn’t limited to only the teaching fields offered at Uniarts Helsinki, and instead, provides data on all research fields, which means that PCI includes references to articles that Uniarts Helsinki doesn’t have the access to.

You can search data on Finnish articles on the Arto tab. Arto provides mainly reference data on articles, but it also shows some links to articles that are available in full text.

Journals in Arsca

Arsca has a separate list of journals that you can reach by clicking "Journals" on the home page. The list contains all journals that are available in University of the Arts Helsinki, both printed and electronic. You can use the search box there to search with journal's title or part of title (for example "music education" or "british journal of"). You can also limit the search results (or the whole list) by using the options on the right.

On the right hand side of the journal list itself you can see where the journals are elecronically available from and which years are available. By clicking these links you can reach the full text of the journal. From the link titled "SFX" you can get to SFX menu which shows you all availability information and links to full text. Printed journals have text "Serial" instead of "eSerial" below their title. You can see availability information of a printed journal by clicking the journal's title.

Uniarts Helsinki’s Finna and the national Finna service

Uniarts Helsinki’s Finna service Arsca is the local view of the national Finna service. This means that the Uniarts Helsinki Library’s personnel has developed Uniarts Finna service Arsca to best serve the needs of the customers of the Uniarts Helsinki Library, in particular. The Uniarts Helsinki Library maintains and develops the interface of Arsca. Finna’s national view makes it possible to search for material from all the libraries, archives and museums that have partnered with the Finna service with a single search, but the national view doesn’t give access to licensed e-resources. For more information on Finna and the partner organisations, go to the page What is Finna?.


We welcome all feedback on Arsca. You can send out feedback using this form.