Academy Of Fine Arts Library classification system

Library code Tx = Academy Of Fine Arts Library, e.g. "Tx Gen".

A Architecture

Aj Artist Occupation

F Philosophy. Psychology

Gen Gender Studies

K Cultural Research

Ki Fiction. Literary Research

L Natural Sciences

LGN Lars-Gunnar Nordström collection

M Artist Monographs

Mat Materials. Techniques

M/G Museums. Galleries. Art Collections

Mus Museology

NL Exhibition Catalogues

NL/T Catalogues of Recurrent Exhibitions

O Art Education. Art Pedagogy. Art Therapy

Pr Performance. Sound Art

R Reference Library

T Art History: General

T/S Art History: Finland

T/E Art History: Other European Countries

T/M Art History: Other Countries

TT Art Theory. Artistic Research. Art Research. Aesthetics

V Photographers

Va Photography. Theory

Vim Video Art. Media Art. Cinema

Y Environmental Art. Land Art. Bio Art. Public Art. Environmental Philosophy

YT Social Sciences. Sociology