Sibelius Academy sheet music classification system

This classififiction is used in Sibelius Academy's Helsinki library. Kuopio library uses the Finnish Public Libraries Classification System PLC.

Library code is "Sib", e.g.. "Sib A4.2".

A: Keyboard instruments | B, C: Bowed string instruments | D: Woodwinds | E: Brass | F: Vocal music | G: Organ | H: Incidental music | K: Scores | L: Orchestral materials | M: Chamber music | N: Choral music | O: Accordion | P: Percussion | R: Plucked instruments | S: Jazz | T: Folk music | V: Popular music | X: Special collections

A: Keyboard instruments


Piano, 2 hands
Piano schools A1
Studies A1.4
Technical studies A1.5
Children's pieces and other easy repertoire A1.6
Collections, various composers A2
Pieces: A3
Sonatas, sonatinas A4
Sonata collections A4.2
Ideological compositions, marches etc. A5
Concertos and other large-scale orchestral compositions (2 pianos) A7
Cadenzas of concertos A7.1
Arrangements: A8
Symphonies A8.2
Arrangements of folks songs and folk dances A8.5
Accompaniment for dance and exercise A8.6
1 piano, 1, 3 or 6 hands Ab
1 piano, 4 hands (Ac)
Educational Ac1
Collections Ac2
Pieces Ac3
Sonatas Ac4
Arrangements Ac8
Symphonies Ac8.2
2 pianos, 4 hands (Ad)
Educational Ad1
Collections Ad2
Pieces Ad3
Sonatas Ad4
Concertos Ad7
Arrangements Ad8
Symphonies Ad8.2
2 pianos, 8 hands (Ae)
Pieces Ae3
Arrangements Ae8
Symphonies Ae8.2
3 – 8 pianos Af

Harpsichord, clavichord etc.

Educational AII1
Collections AII2
Original pieces AII3
Sonatas AII4
Concertos AII7
2 or more harpsichords AIId

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B, C: Bowed string instruments


Educational (Ba)
Violin schools Ba1
Studies, scales, orchestral excerpts Ba1.4
Children's pieces and other easy repertoire Ba1.6
Violin solo (Bb)
Collections Bb2
Pieces Bb3
Solo sonatas Bb4
Violin and keyboard (basso continuo) (Bc)
Collections (also sonata-collections) Bc2
Pieces Bc3
Sonatas, sonatines Bc4
Concertos and concert-pieces with orchestra Bc7
Cadenzas of concertos Bc7.1
Arrangements Bc8
2 violins without accompaniment Bd
2 violins and keyboard Bd3
Sonatas Bd4
Concertos for 2 violins and orchestra Bd7
3 or more violins Be
Concertos for 3 or more violins and orchestra Be7
Folk music – See class T

Viola and viola d'amore

Educational (BIIa)
Viola schools BIIa1
Studies, scales, orchestral excerpts BIIa1.4
Viola solo (BIIb)
Collections BIIb2
Pieces and arrangements BIIb3
Sonatas BIIb4
Viola and keyboard (or b.c) (BIIc)
Collections BIIc2
Original pieces and arrangements BIIc3
Sonatas, sonatinas (also collections) BIIc4
Concertos and works with orchestra accompaniment BIIc7
2 violas without accompaniment BIId
3 or more violas without accompaniment BIIe


Educational (Ca)
Cello schools Ca1
Studies, scales, orchestral excerpts Ca1.4
Cello solo (Cb)
Collections Cb2
Pieces and arrangements Cb3
Sonatas Cb4
Cello and keyboard (basso continuo) (Cc)
Collections Cc2
Pieces and arrangements Cc3
Sonatas, sonatinas (also collections) Cc4
Concertos Cc7
2 cellos (without accompanimet) Cd
Collections Cd2
2 cellos and keyboard Cd3
Concertos Cd7
3 or more cellos Ce

Viola da gamba

Educational CIa
Gamba solo CIb
Viola da gamba and keyboard (basso continuo) CIc
Collections CIc2
2 viola da gambas CId
3 or more viola da gambas CIe

Double bass

Educational (CIIa)
Double bass schools CIIa1
Studies, scales, orchestral excerpts CIIa1.4
Double bass solo (CIIb)
Collections CIIb2
Pieces CIIb3
Sonatas CIIb4
Double bass and keyboard (CIIc)
Collections CIIc2
Pieces and arrangements CIIc3
Sonatas CIIc4
Concertos CIIc7
2 or more double basses CIId

Early music, with undefined vocal and instrumental parts C/D

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D: Woodwinds

Flute, piccolo

Educational (DIa)
Flute schools DIa1
Studies, scales, orchestral excerpts DIa1.4
Flute solo (DIb)
Collections DIb2
Pieces and arrangements DIb3
Sonatas DIb4
Flute and keyboard (DIc)
Collections DIc2
Pieces and arrangements DIc3
Sonatas DIc4
Concertos DIc7
2 or more flutes (without accompaniment) DId
2 or more flutes and keyboard (orchestra) (not trio sonatas) DId3

Oboe and english horn (DII)

Educational (DIIa)
Oboe schools DIIa1
Studies, scales, orchestral excerpts DIIa1.4
Oboe solo DIIb
Oboe and keyboard DIIc
Collections DIIc2
Original pieces and arrangements DIIc3
Sonatas DIIc4
Concertos DIIc7
2 or more oboes DIId

Clarinet, basset horn (DIII)

Educational (DIIIa)
Clarinet schools DIIIa1
Studies, scales, orchestral excerpts DIIIa1.4
Clarinet solo (DIIIb)
Collections DIIIb2
Pieces and arrangements DIIIb3
Sonatas DIIIb4
Clarinet and keyboard (DIIIc)
Collections DIIIc2
Pieces and arrangements DIIIc3
Sonatas DIIIc4
Concertos DIIIc7
2 or more clarinets (without accompaniment) (DIIId)
2 or more clarinets and keyboard DIIId3
Concertos DIIId7

Bassoon (DIV)

Educational (DIVa)
Bassoon schools DIVa1
Studies, scales, orchestral excerpts DIVa1.4
Bassoon solo DIVb
Bassoon and keybord (DIVc)
Collections DIVc2
Original pieces and arrangements DIVc3
Sonatas DIVc4
Concertos DIVc7
2 or more bassoons without accompaniment DIVd
Double bassoon DIV

Recorder (DV)

Educational DVa
Recorder solo DVb
Recorder and keyboard DVc
Collections DVc2
Original pieces and arrangements DVc3
Sonatas DVc4
Concertos DVc7
2 or more recorders without accompaniment DVd
Recorder and keyboard DVd3
Sonatas DVd4
Concertos DVd7

Saxophone (DVI)

Educational (DVIa)
Saxophone schools DVIa1
Studies, scales, orchestral excerpts DVIa1.4
Saxophone solo DVIb
Saxophone and keyboard (DVIc)
Collections DVIc2
Original pieces and arrangements DVIc3
Sonatas DVIc4
Concertos DVIc7
2 or more saxophones DVId

Woodwinds and brass, without own class, e.g. panpipe, crumhorn, zink, harmonica, ocarina D/E

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E: Brass

French horn

Educational (EIa)
French horn schools EIa1
Studies, scales, orchestral excerpts EIa1.4
French horn solo EIb
French horn and keyboard (EIc)
Collections EIc2
Pieces and arrangements EIc3
Sonatas EIc4
Concertos EIc7
2 or more french horns EId

Trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet (EII)

Educational (EIIa)
Trumpet schools EIIa1
Studies, scales and orchestral excerpts EIIa1.4
Trumpet solo EIIb
Trumpet and keyboard (EIIc)
Collections EIIc2
Pieces and arrangements EIIc3
Sonatas EIIc4
Concertos EIIc7
2 or more trumpets (without accompaniment) EIId
Trumpet and keyboard EIId3
Sonatas EIId4
Concertos EIId7

Trombone (EIII)

Educational (EIIIa)
Trombone schools EIIIa1
Studies, scales and orchestral excerpts EIIIa1.4
Trombone solo EIIIb
Trombone and keyboard (EIIIc)
Collections EIIIc2
Pieces and arrangements EIIIc3
Sonatas EIIIc4
Concertos EIIIc7
2 or more trombones EIIId

Tuba (EIV)

Educational (EIVa)
Tuba schools EIVa1
Studies, scales and orchestral excerpts EIVa1.4
Tuba solo EIVb
Tuba and keyboard (EIVc)
Collections EIVc2
Pieces and arrangements EIVc3
Sonatas EIVc4
Concertos EIVc7
2 or more tubas EIVd

Practices for several instruments
Orchestral practice; strings, woodwinds, brass BDE

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F: Vocal music

Song schools, vocalises Fa
Solo song Fb
Solo song and keyboard Fc
"Arie antiche"
Collections Fc2
Pieces Fc2.3
Arias (opera, concerto, oratorio, cantata etc.):
Collections Fc3
Cadenzas Fc3.1
Pieces and collections of one composer Fc3.3
Other stage music (operettas, musicals, film music m.m.)
Collections Fc3.4
Pieces and collections of one composer Fc3.5
Solo cantatas Fc4
Extensive works for soloist with orchestra (or choir) accompaniment Fc5
Solo song and keyboard (lieds and romances)
Collections (various composers) Fc6
Pieces and collections of one composer Fc6.3
Folk song arrangements Fc7
Gypsy romances Fc7.4
Provincial songs, marches etc.
Collections Fc8
Pieces Fc8.3
Spirituals Fc9
Christmas carols Fc9.5
Solo song and other instrumental accompaniment Fd
Dance, play and cildrens songbooks Fg1
Song books (e.g. School song books) Fg3
Duos (2 solo voices) Fh
Duos and keyboard
Collections Fh2
Pieces Fh3
3 solo voices Fm
4 solo voices Fn
Several solo voices Fo
Solo song and plucked instrument (guitar, lute etc.) Fr

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G: Organ

Educational Ga
Liturgical music, choral books, mass books Gb
Solo pieces (preludes) Gc
Collections Gc2
Pieces Gc3
Sonatas Gc4
Concertos Gc7
Arrangements Gc8
Organ and one or several instruments Gd
Organ 4 hands, two organs Gg

Harmonium GI

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H: Incidental music (piano scores)

Opera Ha
Miniature opera Ha2
Operetta, musicals Hb
Ballet Hc
Melodrama, pantomime Hd

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K: Scores

Incidental music and vocal works K-a
Symphonies and sinfoniettas K-b
for orchestra K-c
for 2 instruments and an orchestra K-c2
for 3 instruments and an orchestra K-c3
for 4 instruments and an orchestra K-c4
for keyboard instrument K-c5
for string instrument K-c6
for woodwind instrument K-c7
for brass instrument K-c8
for other instruments K-c9
Music for string or chamber orchestra K-d
Music for symphony orchestra K-e
New music (graphic notation) K-g
Music for wind band K-h
Score playing K-y
K = miniature score, KII = score, KF = large score
- - - - -
Chamber, vocal and instrumental music scores:
Add a code accordant with classification after letter K. For example:
K- Fc6.3
KII- Mc4.13
KF- Mp

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L: Orchestral materials

Same systematics as with scores: e.g. L1 –c5 = piano concerto

Symphony orchestra L1
Chamber orchestra L2
String orchestra L3
Wind orchestra L4
Salon orchestra L5
Children's orchestra L6
Other orchestras L8
Big bands L9

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M: Chamber music

Educational material and home ensembles Ma
Strings (Mc)
Duos for violin and one other string instrument Mc2
Duos for violin and one other string instrument Mc2.2
Cello and double bass Mc2.3
Trios (violin, viola, cello) ( Mc3)
Collections Mc3.12
Pieces Mc3.13
Arrangements Mc3.18
Other combination Mc3.2
Quartets (2 violins, viola, cello) (Mc4)
Collections Mc4.12
Pieces Mc4.13
Arrangements Mc4.18
Other combination Mc4.2
Quintets Mc5
6-10 string instruments Mc6
Concertos for 2 different string instruments Mc7
Woodwinds (2 or more different) (Md)
Duos Md2
Trios Md3
Quartets Md4
Quintets Md5
6 or more different woodwinds Md6
Brass (2 or more different) (Me)
Duos Me2
Trios Me3
Quartets Me4
Quintets Me5
6 or more different brass instruments Me6
Woodwinds and brass (Mf)
Duos Mf2
Trios Mf3
Quartets Mf4
Quintets Mf5
6 or more different wind instruments Mf6
String and wind instruments (Mh)
Duos Mh2
Trios Mh3
Quartets Mh4
Quintets Mh5
6 or more instruments Mh6
Piano and string instruments (at least 2 different) (Mk)
Piano trios= piano and 2 string instruments
Piano, violin, cello
Collections Mk3.12
Pieces Mk3.13
Arrangements Mk3.18
Other combination Mk3.2
Trio sonata, baroque form: piano (bc) and 2 string or wind instruments Mk3.3
Piano and 3 different string instruments
Piano, violin, viola, cello Mk4
Other combinations Mk4.2
"Sonata a quattro", kvartetto baroque form: piano (bc) and 3 string or wind instruments Mk4.3
Piano and 4 different string instruments
Piano, 2 violins, viola, cello Mk5
Other combinations Mk5.2
Piano and 5 (or more) different string instruments Mk6
Piano and wind instruments (Mm)
Trios: piano and 2 different wind instruments Mm3
Quartets. Piano and 3 wind instruments Mm4
Quintets: piano and 4 wind instruments Mm5
Piano and 5 or more wind instruments Mm6
Concertos for 2 or more different wind instruments Mm7
Piano and string and wind instruments (Mo)
Trios: Piano, string instrument, wind instrument Mo3
Piano, 3 string and wind instruments Mo4
Piano, 4 string and wind instruments Mo5
Piano, 5 or more string and wind instruments Mo6
Other chamber music Mp
Concertos for 2 or more instruments of different instrument family Mp7

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N: Choral music

Educational Na1
Miscellaneous collections, a cappella and with accompaniment Na2
A cappella (Nb)
Mixed voices Nb2
Female voice choir Nb2.2
Male voice choir Nb2.3
Childrens' choir Nb2.4
Mixed voices Nb3
Female voice choir Nb3.2
Male voice choir Nb3.3
Childrens' choir Nb3.4
Choir with accompaniment (Nc)
Mixed voices Nc2
Female voice choir Nc2.2
Male voice choir Nc2.3
Childrens' choir Nc2.4
Mixed voices Nc3
Female voice choir Nc3.2
Female voice choir Nc3.3
Childrens' choir Nc3.4

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O: Accordion

Educational Oa
Solos Ob
Duos Oc
Several accordions Od
Accordion + other instruments Oe
Accordion + singing voice Of
Collections O2

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P: Percussions

Schools for several percussion instrument Pa
Timpani Pb
Bass drum, snare drum Pc
Chimes, celesta Pd
Dulcimer, cimbalom Pe
Xylophone, marimba, vibraphone Pf
Other percussion instruments, percussion ensembles Ph

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R: Plucked instruments

Harp (RI)

Educational RI1
Studies RI1.4
Collections (various composers) RI2
Pieces and collections of one composer RI3
Sonatas RI4
Concertos RI7
2 or more harps RId
Harp + other instruments RIe

Guitar (RII)

Educational RII1
Studies RII1.4
Collections (various composers) RII2
Pieces and collections of one composer RII3
Sonatas RII4
Concertos RII7
2 or more guitars RIId
Guitar + other instruments RIIe

Kantele RIV
Other plucked instruments (mandolin, ukulele etc.) RV

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S: Jazz

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T: Folk music

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V: Popular music

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X: Special collections (reading room and stacks)

Anthologies Xa
Collected works Xb
Manuscripts Xg

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