Theatre Academy classification guide

Reference library

0a Reference books

0e Dictionaries

Loanable material

1 Theatre. Theatre research . Performance. Theatre theories

2 Theatre history. Finland

2a Institutions

2b People

2c Organisations

3 Theatre history. International

3a Institutions

3b People

3c Organisations

4 Drama research. Dramaturgy

4a Scriptwriting

5 Acting

5a Body language

6 Directing. Directors

7 Staging. Stagecraft

9 Lighting design. Lighting technique

10 Sound design. Sound technique

11 Costumes. Costume design. Make-up

12 Verbal expression. Elocution. Voice control

13 Dance. Gymnastics

13a Dance history

13aa Dance Theatres and groups

13ab Dance artists

13b Choreography. Dance analysis

13c Dance education. Teaching dance. Dance techniques

13d Dance review

13e Folk dance

13f Ballroom dance

13g Dance therapy. Bodywork therapies. Yoga

13h Gymnastics. Sports. Martial arts. Fencing

13i Dance medicine. Physiology

14 Music. Musicals. Opera

15 Theatre Critique

16 Theatre and arts administration. Reception research. Cultural policy. Event management

17 Amateur Theatre

18 Theatre education

19 Theatre architecture

20 Cinema

21 Communication. Media

22 Puppet Theatre

23 Mime. Pantomime

24 Circus

25 Theatre for children and young people

26 Theatre education. Drama pedagogy

27 Art therapy

101 Working life. Business economy. Law

105 Literary research. Aesthetics

105a History of literature. Finland

105b History of literature. International

105c Creative writing. Art writing

106 History. Cultural history

107 Art. Art history. Art research

108 Religion. Philosophy

109 Sociology

110 Psychology

111 Education. Art pedagogy

111a Schools. Universities. Education

115 Ecology. Nature. Environmental philosophy

120/121 Journals

123 Annals. Annual reports

130/131 Poems. Folklore

132/133 Fiction

134 Scientific writing. Research methods. Artistic research. Grammar

134a Dictionaries

140 Varia

150/151a Drama

150/151b Musicals. Libretti

150/151c Radio plays

150/151d Plays for children and young people. Puppet plays

160 Board games. Party games. Role-playing games


1 Theatre. Performance. Live Art

13 Dance

14 Musicals. Music Theatre. Opera

20 Movies

21 TV-series


59.33 Relaxation

130 Poems

132 Fiction

150 Radio plays

78.311 Children’s songs. Children’s music

78.352 Operettas. Musicals. Musical plays

78.355 Film, television and video music

78.4 Ethnic music. Folk music

78.5 Music for ensembles and orchestras

78.891 Pop / Rock

78.892 Blues. Jazz

78.893 Light music. Popular music

78.894 Tunes and ditties

Sheet music

78.31 Song collections

78.311 Children’s songs

78.32 Solo song

78.351 Operas

78.352 Operettas. Musicals. Musical plays

78.352a Stage music. Collections

78.355 Film, television and video music

78.355a Film, television and video music. Collections

78.4 Ethnic music. Folk music

78.6 Instruments

78.891 Pop / Rock

78.892 Blues. Jazz

78.893 Light music. Popular music

78.894 Tunes and ditties