Uniarts Helsinki’s students and personnel are advised to log in with their Uniarts account, because all material isn’t openly accessible to everyone. If you are using Uniarts Helsinki's Finna portal Arsca outside the Uniarts Helsinki network, you cannot search for all material in the "International e-materials" tab without logging in, e.g. resources in ARTstor and some of ProQuest are left out of the search results. Logging in with a Uniarts account grants you the remote access to e-resources licensed by the library from your home, for example. After logging in with your Uniarts username you can link your library card to your account, which gives you the permission to renew your loans and make requests online.

If you don’t have a Uniarts username, you can log in by using your libary card. This way you can renew your loans and make requests in Arsca, but logging in with a library card doesn’t grant you the remote access to e-resources, which are only available to university students and personnel based on their user rights.