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Composer name

Composer names often appear in different formats in publications:

  • Shostakovich
  • Schostakovich
  • ...
  • Mendelssohn, Fanny
  • Mendelssohn-Hensel, Fanny

In Arsca, the composer's name can be searched for using one format:

  • Schostakovich --> Šostakovitš, Dmitri
  • Mendelssohn-Hensel, Fanny --> Hensel, Fanny

Tips for searching by author name

Try searching with a suitable name format:


If necessary, you can try shortening the keyword with a wild card character:


Click on the name of the author found in the search results to get a more comprehensive search result:

Searching by name.

Title of the work

Different names are used for music works, such as:

  • Šostakovitš, Dmitri: Concerto for pianoforte and orchestra : op.102
  • Šostakovitš, Dmitri: Piano concerto no. 2 : opus 102
  • Šostakovitš, Dmitri: Vtoroj koncert dlâ fortepiano s orkestrom : soš. 102 : pereloženie dlâ druh fortepiano avtora

In Arsca, the name of the work can be searched for in one search format. The search format may be, for example, the original name of the work or the commonly used Finnish translation of the title:

  • Konsertot, piano, orkesteri, nro 2, op102, F-duuri (i.e. Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No. 2)
  • Die Zauberflöte, KV620 (i.e. Mozart’s The Magic Flute)
  • Sonaatit, piano, op13 (i.e. Beethoven’s Sonata Pathétique)

You can see the search format of the work in the search results:

Search format of the work

You can find lists of names of major composers' works in library format on (in Finnish).

Tips for searching using the title of the work

The search target is Shostakovich, Piano Concerto No. 2. After searching for the composer's name (see the example above), you can open the Genre filter and select "Konsertot":

Filtering works by genre.

Find the desired piano concerto search format in the search results. Click on the title above the search format:

Clickable title.

For more hits, click on the search format link:

Search format link.

By clicking on the search format, you will be given a large percentage of the publications containing the work in question:

Other versions of the work.

Search results can be further refined according to the type of material or genre:

Filtering by material type.

Filtering by genre.

The Filter menu also allows for library-specific filtering, but the use of this function for music material is not recommended, as a significant percentage of the relevant material will be excluded from searches.

Expanding your search

If you did not find what you were looking for, you can get a broader search result by running a new Basic search with elements extracted from the composer's name and the search format of the work. Before running a new search, it is usually a good idea to delete any old filters to ensure that there are no filters in use.

Composer name (search format)

Title of the work (search format)

In Basic search, you can search for

Šostakovitš, Dmitri

Konsertot, piano, orkesteri, nro 2, op102

sostakovits konsertot piano "op102"

Sibelius, Jean

Sinfoniat, nro 5, op82, Es-duuri

sinfoniat sibelius "op82" "es-duuri"

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Die Zauberflöte, KV620. Alkusoitto

zauberflöte mozart "kv620" alkusoitto

For example:

Extended basic search.

Date of composition and country of composition

In Basic and Advanced search, you can use centuries or decades (e.g. 20th century, 1900-1909, 1910s) as search words. Musical era terms (e.g. Baroque) cannot be used to search for a composition date.

Perushaku hakusanoilla konsertot Suomi 2000-2009.

Perushaku hakusanoilla laulut Yhdysvallat 1970-luku.